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200t Corrugated Stock Preparation Line


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200t Corrugated Stock Preparation Line

A 200t corrugated paper making project is going to start at Guangxi Paper Mill, the whole fluting paper making line include the corrugated stock preparation line and paper making. They purchased the complete pulp making line include the waste paper pulping system, coarse screening and fine screening system, high/medium/low density cleaning system, pulp approaching system and agitator.


Fluting Pulp Making Equipment Delivery


Production capacity: 200t/d
Application pulping line: Kraft/corrugated/fluting paper making line
Delivery pulp equipment for corrugated making: 30m³D Type Hydrapulper barrel, transmission part, Reject Separator, High Density Cleaner, Pulp Agitator and it’s accessories etc.


We are able to provide the turn-key corrugated/fluting/medium paper making project for paper, if you have any need, welcome to consult us: