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300t/d Fluting Paper Making Machine


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    300t/d Fluting Paper Making Machine

    Shanxi Paper Mill plan to set up a new corrugated paper making line to satisfy the fluting paper market demand. The ordered equipment this time include Chain Conveyor, High Density Cleaner, MC coarse and fine screening machine, Medium Density Cleaner, Fiber Fractionating Screen, Pulp Agitator, etc.


    Fluting Paper Pulp Equipment Details


    Corrugated production project: 300t/d high strength fluting paper making
    Delivery equipment: 30m³ D Type Hydrapulper, Reject Separator, Mid Consistency Pressure Screen
    D Type Hydrapulper: energy saving VOKES rotor strengthens hydraulic circulation and fiber relief
    Reject Separator: Separating the light impurities, small plastics in the pulp tailing, almost no fiber in the rejected impurities
    Mid Consistency Pressure Screen: Imported spare parts, high working efficiency, effectively do coarse and fine screening for pulp


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