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40T/D Toilet Paper Making Project


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    Hebei Mancheng Aojie Paper Mill is a company specialized in toilet paper making, this time their new toilet paper project is 40t/d. Here are some of equipment delivery for this project, Mid Consistency Hydrapulper, Agitator, Inflow Pressure Screen, etc.


    Mid Consistency Hydrapulper is mainly used for commercial wood pulp, to produce toilet paper, tissue paper, napkin paper, kitchen paper and other living paper.

    Feature: Contact with pulp part is made of stainless steel, pulp consistency can reach 5%-8%, energy-saving S type rotor, etc.


    Inflow Pressure Screen, belong to pulp flow system,  used before headbox or cylinder mould to flow slurry, can get more homogenate pulp, then get higher quality paper.


    We supply the complete set of toilet/tissue/napkin/facial paper making line, include stock preparation and paper making process, if you have any need, contact us: