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Drum Pulper Delivery For Waste Paper Pulping


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    Drum Pulper Delivery For Waste Paper Pulping

    Pingyao, Shanxi province paper mill is a professional packaging paper making mill, in order to simplify the whole pulping process, they ordered the 3750mm Drum Pulper to upgrade the complete pulping line. Drum Pulper has the similar function compare with D Type Hydrapulper, however, Drum Pulper with the ability that continuous gentle pulping and coarse screening of waste paper under high consistency, which effectively replace the D Type Hydrapulper continuous pulping system. Here is the details about 3750 pulper machine.


    Drum Pulper Specification Details


    Pulper Type(mm): ZG3750
    Drum diameter(t/d): 550-800
    Working consistency(%): 14-18
    Motor power(kw): 630-800
    Application: Packaging/cultural/tissue paper pulping line which use waste paper, paper board as raw material


    Leizhan manufacture Drum Pulper has high performance and almost no quick-wear part in pulping line, greatly shorten the whole cost, if you have any need, welcome to consult us: Email: