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Egg Tray Production Line Machine Delivery


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    Egg Tray Production Line Machine Delivery

    Malaysia customer is our loyal customer, they are very satisfied about our paper making equipment and service, and they almost expand their paper making factory every year. This time, they set up a new egg tray production line to produce egg tray. The delivery details as following:


    Egg Tray Pulping Line Machine Delivery


    D Type Hydrapulper: Turn raw material to pulp, raw material can be waste paper, wood, etc.
    High Density Cleaner: Remove heavy impurities in the pulp, like staples, stones, glasses,etc.
    Reject Separator: Used to deal with the pulp tailing, remove the impurities in the tailing pulp, reduce fiber loss, improve pulp yield.
    Fiber Separator: Separating light and heavy impurities from pulp.
    Pulp Agitator: Stir pulp to maintain pulp is suspending condition, ensures the pulp components even distribution.


    High quality, advanced technology, low energy consumption and high pulp yield are the reasons why Malaysia customer always choose us, except the egg tray production line machine, we also support the kraft fluting packaging paper and tissue paper, cultural paper manufacturing line machine, from pulper to rewinder, more details, welcome to email us for more. Email: