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HD Cleaner Delivery To India


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Cleaning equipment HD cleaner widely used in all kinds of paper making production line. The HD cleaner mainly applied to remove heavy impurities in paper pulp like staples, stones, glasses, etc. Indian customer ordered 2 sets HD cleaner used in his wrappling paper pulping line and finished delivery. The advantages of HD cleaner as below.


The Advantages Of HD Cleaner


1. The outlet and sediment pipe adopted SS304 material.
2. HD cleaner wear resistance ceramics cone.
3. HD cleaner equipped with PLC control cabinet, no motor.
4. HD cleaner equipped with Linuo automatic slag valve.


There are many cleaning pulp equipment in waste paper recycling line, like Low Density Cleaner, HD cleaner and light impurity separator, etc. Welcome to consult me for more details to choose the most suitable cleaner equipment. Email address: