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Leizhan Paper Pulping Equipment


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    Qinyang Xinghua Paper Mill signed a contract with Leizhan in September 2023, and we will provide pulping equipment. The pulping equipment has been produced and is now being shipped to customer.


    Ordered pulping machine: Chain Conveyor, D Type Hydrapulper, Hydrapurger, Drum Screen, Ragger, Rope Cutter, Grapple, Cleaner, Energy-Saving Pressure Screen, Light Impurity Separator, Reject Separator, Pressure Scren, Inflow Pressure Screen
    Delivery pulping machine: Chain Conveyor, Trash Well and supporting accessories
    Delivery date: November 17, 2023


    We are specialized in developing complete sets of pulping and paper making equipment such as pulping equipment, screening equipment, cleaning equipment, and refining equipment. Email address: