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Paper Mill Propeller


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    Paper Mill Propeller

    Paper mill propeller has been successfully shipped to Guangxi. In paper making industry, paper mill propeller is also called pulp chest agitator. The paper mill propeller/agitator is used to stir pulp cyclically in chest to maintain the pulp liquid in suspending condition, which ensure the pulp components even distribution.


    Paper Mill Propeller/Agitator Details


    Applicatiopn: kraft paper making line, corrugated paper making line, culture paper making line and tissue paper making line, etc.
    Model: JB500-JB2000
    Vane diameter: 500-2000mm
    Consistency: ≤5%
    Chest volume: 20-230m³
    Motor power: 5.5/7.5-90/110kw
    Advantages: high efficiency, advanced blade and strong thrust.


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