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Paper Pulping MC Pressure Screen For Paper Mill


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    Guangxi Lee & Man Paper customer have ordered the ZNS3.5 Middle Consistency Pressure Screen from our company Leizhan. They have been partners of our company for many years and have purchased the out paper pulping products many times. Our pulping equipment has good quality, good pulping effect and good customer feedback.


    Middle Consistency Pressure Screen


    Middle Consistency Pressure Screen can be used for coarse screen, fine screen, and fractionating screen in paper pulping production line. Multi-wing block, no winding, high-efficiency and energy-saving rotor. Advanced structure, strong and durable, low energy consumption and less fiber loss.


    Our company Leizhan is an enterprise specializing in the design, manufacturing and sales of complete sets of waste paper pulping equipment. If you need pulping machine, welcome contact us. Email address: