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Pulp Equipment For Fluting Paper Making


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    Pulp Equipment For Fluting Paper Making

    Yuenan Mingxing Paper Mill is our old customer, last year, they purchased the whole set of fluting paper production line machine from us, include Chain Conveyor, waste paper pulping system, mid consistency coarse and fine screening syste, pulp cleaning system, pulp approaching system, pulp tailing dealing machine, etc.


    After the smooth operation of one year, the paper quality they make get good market effect, and they are very satisfied about our pulp equipment, for get high quality pulp.


    This time, they still choose us when they want to improve the fluting making production capacity.

    Delivery Pulp Equipment Of Fluting Paper Making


    20 m³ D pulper
    High Density Cleaner
    Pulp Chest Agitator
    Single Effect Fiber Separator
    550 Double Disc Refiner
    Pulp Pump, etc


    We are able to make the turn key paper making production line machine from pulper to rewinder, more details to make fluting testliner paper, welcome to consult us: