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100tpd Cardboard Paper Pulping Line Nigeria


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    100tpd Cardboard Paper Pulping Line Nigeria

    Leizhan signs a contact with an Nigeria paper mill to build a newly cardboard paper pulping line to meet the increasing need of cardboard. The cardboard making line includes pulping, screening, cleaning, refining.


    100tpd Cardboard Paper Pulping Project

    Item: 100tpd Cardboard Paper Pulping Line
    Place: Nigeria
    Raw material: recycled corrugated paper,

    Pulping system: mechanical pulp
    End production: paper board
    Usage: packaging(medical, frozen food, beverage cartons, dry food packaging etc.)
    Production period: three months
    Control system: automatic or semi-automatic central system


    Top Layer of Cardboard Production Line

    The production of top layer of cardboard is the very first step to produce cardboard. In order to meet the 100tpd production capacity, Leizhan design the production line including the followed machines.
    1. ZDSD23 D Type Hydrapulper, production capacity: 30-60t/d
    2. ZSC3 High Density Cleaner, throughput: 1800~2600l/min
    3. ZTJ850 Agitator, chest volume: 50-85m³
    4. ZDJ350 Claflin Refiner, production capacity: 20-30t/d
    5. ZDP11M Double Disc Refiner. production capacity: 8-60t/d
    6. KH800 Low Density Cleaner, rate passing capacity of single equipment: 800l/min
    7. Pulp pump
    8. Inclined screen

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