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200T/D Complete Set Of Pulping Line


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    200tpd complete set of pulping line

    One good news again, Leizhan shake hands with Jiangxi Wanzaijinke Paper Co.,Ltd again, which is a professional company for produce Red Gun Paper and Fireworks Paper. Jinke Paper purchased Leizhan 400t/d complete pulping equipment two years ago and current 200t/d for new fireworks paper making project. This is the customer’s affirmation and recognition of Leizhan exhibition, we are excited to serve our customers with greater efforts for our mutual benefits.

    200T/D Pulping Line

    Production Capacity: 200T/D
    Application: Fireworks Paper Making Industry
    Needed Machine: D Type Hydrapulper, Pulp Agitator, High Density Cleaner, etc.

    Advantages Of Leizhan Paper Machinery

    Pulping process is a vital stage in paper making industry, a good pulping machine can determines the quality of paper and the production cost. Leizhan concentrate on pulp equipment for more than 35 years, high quality, low energy consumption, environmental is our persistent tenet. Do you want to know more about pulping equipment for paper making? Welcome to consult us: