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30T/D Carton Recycling Plant in Bangladesh


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    30T/D Carton paper making line for Bangladesh customer

    Leizhan has received an order from the Bangladesh paper mill to deliver complete set of 30T/D Carton paper making line for its new paper recycling plant.


    Leizhan Supply for Carton Paper Recycling Plant

    The scope of supply includes the waste paper board recycling line and Carton paper making machine. High performance recycled paper processing machine based on Leizhan’ well-prove design, which combines high efficiency with excellent performance.


    Machines for Recycled paper processing line contains: Waste paper conveyor, Pulper, Cleaner, Pressure screen, Refiner, Deflaker, De-inking machine, Pulp pump and Pulp chest agitator.


    This project will be Leizhan’ first complete production line supplied to a customer in Bangladesh, and Leizhan pays great emphasis on this project and it means a lot to our company.