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350tpd Daily Used Paper Production Line


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    350tpd Daily Used Paper Production Line

    Daily used paper has a increasing market in India, so many paper mills plan to rebuild the paper production line. A paper mill in India can produce 100t/d daily used paper before, in order to meet the increasing need of daily paper, they plan to expand the old production line to 350t/d.

    Daily Used Paper Production Project

    Item: 350tpd Daily Used Paper Production Line
    Place: India
    Time: Feb.2017
    Raw material: recycled paper, waste paper, wood pulp
    End production: daily used paper
    Usage: knit paper, table top paper, kitchen paper, powder paper etc.
    Producing procedure: conveying, pulping, screening, cleaning, refining
    Control system: automatic control system
    Production time: about 50 days

    Daily Used Paper Making Machine List

    Cause the production line is upgraded from a old production line, and many machines like chain conveyor, pulp pump, cutter can work as well, so Leizhan designs to only upgrade the main pulping and screening machine. It can not only increase the production capacity, but also reduce the cost.
    1. ZDSD30 D Type Hydrapulper: production capacity is 300-370t/d
    2. ZDSG35 type H.C. Hydrapulper: production capacity is 185-260t/d
    3. ZNS1.5 type M.C. Pressure Screen: production capacity is 200-380t/d
    4. NLS3 type Inflow Pressure Screen: production capacity is 250-400t/d
    5. PZ2 Reject Separator: production capacity is 30-60t/d
    6. Add one more pulp pump