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D Type Hydrapulper


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    d type hydrapulper

    Leizhan received an order from Russia Paper Mill before. Now the D Type Hydrapulper is in transit after a period of effort by all staff. D Type Hydrapulper is mainly used for coarse screening of waste paper combination with paper Ragger and pulp Grapple, etc. Low investment and high efficiency make it become the ideal choice for paper mills

    Shipment Information

    Time: 21th, June, 2017
    Final Destination: Russia Paper Mill.
    Products: 20m³ D Type Hydrapulper with automatic slag discharging device.
    Equipment Material: Contact with slurry part is whole stainless steel.
    Production Capacity: 140-180t/d
    Motor Power: 185kw

    Furthermore, Drum Pulper has higher efficiency for coarse screening of OCC, LOCC. It’s more convenient compare with D Type Hydrapulper, continuous gentle pulping under high consistency, low damage to impurities and reduce the following pulp equipment burden. If you want to know more details, feel free to contact us: