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High Efficiency Flotation Deinking Machine


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    flotation deinking machine

    Flotation Deinking Machine is a whole sealed equipment used for waste paper deinking and pulping. In the inner of deinking machine, adopt special structure interstage separation device, form layered multi-level flotation, prevent the mixing of different flotating-grade pulp.


    The Advantages Of Flotation Deinking Machine


    1. The air in the pulp can be used many times, greatly improve the use ratio of air and ink removal efficiency;
    2. High deinking efficiency, pulp with high whiteness after deinking and good brightness, the consistency of ink removal is big( can reach above 3% ).
    3. Less loss of fiber, small occupy area, easy to operate and control, low energy consumption.


    The production capacity of flotation deinking machine is from 55tpd tp 420 tpd, paper maker friends can select a suitable one according to your actual needs.