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Jiangxi Paper Mill Delivery Site


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    jiangxi paper mill delivery site

    The order from Jiangxi 200t/d fireworks paper making project is come to an end. M.C.Pressure Screen for fine screening and Reject Separator was successful delivery on 12th, July, 2017.

    Pulp Equipment Delivery Information

    Time: 12th, July, 2017
    Paper Mill: Jiangxi Wanzai Paper Co.,Ltd
    Equipment: M.C.Pressure Screen, Reject Separator
    Project: 200t/d Fireworks Paper Making

    M.C.Pressure Screen and Reject Separator all have their own competitive advantages in paper stock preparation line. Such as Mid Consistency Pressure Screen’s high efficiency of coarse and fine screening of waste paper pulp and advanced spare parts, and Reject Separator’s big production capacity, etc, As for more details, welcome consult us: