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How Much Do You Know About Paper Making Calender Machine?

how much do you know about paper making calender machine

Calendering is an important part in the process of paper making, and the purpose is to make paper better, more uniform. A good effect of Press polish machine can improve the smoothness,evenness, glossiness of paper.

Performance Of Pulp Calender Machine

1. Improving the paper page forming.
2. Perfection the smoothness, evenness, glossiness of paper surface.
3. Compressing and compact the paper fiber.
4. It can be used for rubberizing and frictioning of textile material,rubberizing of wirecord fabric,sheet and counter plate(embossed) of rubber material,separation of fabric and film, as well as joint of multi-layer laminate film.

Features Of Pulp Roll Press Machine

Pulp calender is mainly consists of roller,rack,backplane,adjustment device,transmission system, roller temperature control device, security device, lubricating device. The roller is made of Chilled Cast Iron alloys, whose work surface has high hardness, wear-resistance and durable life. Steem, cooling water and heat-conducting oil can pass into the roller’s cavity, so that the working temperature can be adjusted in order to meet the technological requirements. What’s more,roll spacing can be adjusted both by manual or electric mode. In addition,roller bearings’ lubricating can adopt drier oil or dilute oil.


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