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3600 Tissue Making Machine

3600 Tissue Making Machine

The 3600 tissue making machine adopts crescent fomer paper machine type, which is composed of double-layer bleaching sheet headbox, crescent former, vacuum roller, Yankee dryer, high-speed hot air hood, paper reel, electrical automatic control and heat recovery (DCS user-managed) system.


3600 Tissue Making Machine Raw Material


Production type: high grade tissue paper, household paper, toilet paper
Tissue paper making raw material: softwood, hardwood, bleached kraft pulp, etc.


3600 Tissue Making Machine Design Data


Basis weight: 11-25g/㎡
Capacity: 80t/d
Paper machine color: white
Gauge: 4500mm
Design speed: 1700m/min
Working speed: 1600m/min
Balance speed: 1800m/min
Roll paper width: 3500mm


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