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Corrugated Paper Making Line

Leizhan corrugated cardboard stock preparation line contains pulping system(drum pulper, D type hydrapulper, vertical hydrapulper, etc.), cleaning system(high density and low density cleaner), screening system(mid consistency coarse and fine screen, inflow pressure screen, and so on.), refining system(double disc refiner, conical refiner, etc.)…

Equipment Making Fluting Corrugated Paper

Waste paper recycling equipment making fluting corrugated paper. Leizhan offer stock preparation line machine and fluting corrugated paper making machine.

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Paper Making Disc Refiner Malfunctions and Solutions

High efficiency and low energy consumption double disc refiner manufacturer, paper mill disc refiner is a critical equipment for high return pulping, do you want to get more pulp and reduce fiber loss? Contact us.

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Paper Machine Headbox Configuration

Paper mill paper machine headbox configuration information, kraft corrugated testliner tissue cultural paper machine headbox manufacturer and supplier, complete set of paper making production line and project cost. Email:

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How To Choose Suitable High Consistency Pulp Pump?

High performance pulp pump manufacturer and supplier. Reasonable choose and use high consistency pulp pump is very important for paper making and high concentration technology.

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High Consistency Pulp Pump In Paper Making

High consistency pulp pump for conveying 8-12% pulp, high quality and lower price paper mill pulp pump fan pump manufacturer from China, paper mill pulp pump, pulp chest agitator on hot sale.

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150t 18h Corrugated Fluting Paper Making Project

Complete set of corrugated fluting paper making project machine manufacturer, high performance and low fiber loss stock preparation line machine on hot sale, Email:

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How To Deal The Slime Pulp In Paper Mill

Too much slime in paper making process can influence the paper making efficiency and influence pulp quality, here are the solutions about how to deal the slime pulp in paper mill, paper machinery manufacturer.

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Corrugated/Fluting Paper Making Process Reasonable Design

Corrugated/fluting paper making process reasonable design, how to make low weight high strength corrugated fluting paper? Corrugated fluting paper making tailing dealing device. high quality corrugated paper machine on hot sale.

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Pulp Tank Mixer Agitator Operation Tips

Paper mill agitator right operation, how to right running pulp tank mixer agitator? High quality and high efficiency cheap price pulp mill agitator manufacturer.

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What Are The Reasons Effect Paper Evenness?

The reasons effect paper evenness are from different aspects. Hera are the reasons effect paper making evenness, which help you get high quality paper. Complete set of paper making machine and pulp equipment manufacturer.

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