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Corrugated Paper Making Line

Leizhan corrugated cardboard stock preparation line contains pulping system(drum pulper, D type hydrapulper, vertical hydrapulper, etc.), cleaning system(high density and low density cleaner), screening system(mid consistency coarse and fine screen, inflow pressure screen, and so on.), refining system(double disc refiner, conical refiner, etc.)…

Mixing Pulping And Separate Pulping

The pulp beating methods divided into mix pulping and separate pulping, to get high quality paper, the requirement to paper pulp is different. Leizhan supply the complete set of paper pulp making line, welcome to consult us:

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How To Save Energy In Paper Mill?

How to save energy in paper mill? Here are solutions to maximum save the cost in paper mill, leizhan is paper making machine manufacturer, our engineer will design the most reasonable project for you.

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How Often Do You Change The Wire Of Paper Machine?

How often do you change the wire of your paper machine? Wire section spare parts supplier for paper making industry, which is professional and cheap.

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Fluting Paper Machine

Leizhan supply high-grade fluting paper making machine, which is good quality and low price, fluting paper machine is used to manufacture corrugated paper, welcome to consult us for more details.

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How to Maintain The Drum Screen?

Drum Screen for paper making is mainly used for removing large light impurities in waste paper pulping system, how to maintain the drum screen? Here is the details.

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The Function Of Fractionating screen

The Fractionating screen can divided fiber into short fiber and long fiber according to ratio, M.C. Pressure Screen can be divided into fractionating screen, coarse screening and fine screening.

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Chain Conveyor For Conveying Waste Paper

Chain Conveyor is mainly used to conveying the waste paper in paper making process, The Chain Plate Width is according to paper maker’s production capacity.

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Paper Machine Parts Manufacturing Requirement

A high quality paper machine need very strict technology, then to produce high level paper. There are some tips need to attention in paper machine manufacturing process, the details are as below.

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Corrugated Paper Making Machine

Leizhan is a professional Corrugated Paper Making Machine Manufacturer, Corrugated Paper Machine is consist of long wire forming part,Press section, Drying part, Reel machine part, Foundation part, Auxiliary system of paper machine, etc.

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Corrugated Paper Machine

Best quality corrugated paper machine manufacturer in China, Leizhan is a professional paper machine supplier, always with advanced import spare parts and low price, want to know more details? Welcome to contact us.

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