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BFW1400 Chain Conveyor for 100T/D Paper Plant

100T/D BFW1400 Chain Conveyor

BFW1400 Chain conveyor is specially chosen by Leizhan for transporting waste paper, paper board into Pulper for Jiangsu Wuxi Paper Industry’s  100T/D Corrugated paper manufacturing plant.


Specification of BFW1400 Chain Conveyor

Type:   BFW1400

Chain plate width: 1425mm

Motor power: 7.5kw  1500rpm frequency conversion

System location: Recycled paper conveying

Design length: 23M

Conveying angle: 23°

Feeding capacity: 80-255m³/h

Feeding speed: 0-6m/min

Max.limit of material: 1200mm


Component of BFW1400 Chain conveyor

Head device(Main shaft, coupling, Bearing support, Bearing, Sprocket wheel), Tail device(Driven shaft, Bearing support, Tension support, Tight screw, Tight nut, Chain wheel), Rack, Guide rail, Chain plate group, Backplate, Landing leg, Unilateral walkway, Drive device, Motor


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