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Chain Conveyor For Conveying Waste Paper

chain conveyor for conveying waste paper

Chain Conveyor in paper making industry is used to conveying the waste paper or paper board to Hydrapulper, the operator can adjust it to the suitable speed according to the demand.

What Is The Competitive Advantages Of Leizhan Chain Conveyor?

a. Trough plate is stamped and formed one time, which is sturdy and durable, great resistance to shock.
b. Equipped with harden-face reduction drive, high safety coefficient.
c. There are V type backplate on both side of chain plate, improve the conveying capacity, prevent impurities slide down to the wheel, prolong it’s service life.
d. Equipped with chain plate elastic adjusting device, avoid that after sometime, degree of tightness change result to derail and off the track.

Chain Conveyor lubrication system and working condition

Using oil gun inject lubricating oil to zerk at fixed period.

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