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Corrugated Paper Machine

Corrugated Paper Machine

Corrugated paper is mainly used for the manufacture of shipping containers and corrugated boxes. Corrugated paper machine always use waster paperboared as raw material to recycle use, which is not only energy-saving but also high efficiency to get high-strength corrugated paper.

Information About Corrugated Paper Machine

  • Raw Material: waste paperboard, OCC, LOCC
  • Paper Grade: High-strength Corrugated Paper
  • Paper Machine Structure: Headbox, Press Part, Dryness part, Calendering section.(Leizhan provides all these single section for paper mill)
  • Trimmed Width(mm): according to your need from 1575-5800
  • Basis Weight(g/m²):60-150
  • Operating Speed(m/min): High speed
  • Production Capacity(t/d): according to your demands.

Details About Paper Machine

Products Production Capacity Wire Layer Need Dryer Cylinder Need Pump Motor Power
Craft Paper 450kT 3 56 240 40kKW
Coating Paper 400kT 4+1 100 420 100kKW
Corrugated Paper 450kT 1 56+56 186 25kKW

According to the data above, it’s obviously that corrugated paper machine is the minimum energy consumption and lowest investment. Leizhan has concentrated on paper machine for more than 35 years, especially Corrugated paper machine and Kraft paper machine, for more details, welcome to contact


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