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Drum Pulper in Waste Paper Recycling System


Drum Pulper can be used in waste paper recycling system for primary pulping and screening of paper pulp under high consistency. ZG3500 Drum type hydrapulper is specially chosen and used in 600T/D Fluting paper board production plant.


ZG3500 Drum Pulper for Waste Paper Recycling

System location: pulper

Fine pulp capacity: 150-600BDT/D

Pulping consistency: 18%.

Pulping temperature: According to white water temperature of system

Pulping area water volume:   90~100m3/h

Screening part water volume: 550~600m3/h

Total length: about 33 meters

Fine pulp consistency: 4%


Leizhan supply for ZG3500 Drum Pulper

Feeding device

Drum part

Bracket wheel device

Catch wheel device


Automatic oil lubrication system

Main motor

Stand-by motor


Anchor bolt



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