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Fiber Classier for Cardboard Paper Manufacturing


Fiber classifier(Fiber fractionating screen) is used for long fiber and short fiber grading under high consistency(2%-3%) in pulp processing line. The fiber grading machine can be used in Cardboard paper manufacturing line.

Specification of FJS0.9 Fiber Classifier Pulp Machine

Model: FJS0.9

System location: fiber classify

Screening area: 0.9 m2

Processing capacity: 90-150BDT/D

Grading scale(long fiber:short fiber=50%:50%)

Stock inlet concentration: 2~3%

Operating pressure: 0.2-0.3MPa

Operating pressure difference: 0.01-0.03Mpa

Reject pulp ratio: 15-25%

Raw material: Local OCC

Fiber grading machine components

Fiber grading machine is specially used for grading long fiber and short fiber which is used in Cardboard paper making line. Leizhan’s scope of supply contains: System body, Driving part, Rotor, Screen basket, Drive(include motor, belt, Belt pulley), Safety shield, Equipment base, Anchor bolt, Seal water flow detect and alarm device, Seal water filter, Interlock  control cabinet, Automatic lubricating device, Exhaust valve, Diaphragm-seal pressure gauge.


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