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High-speed Paper Pulp Washing Machine Advantages

High-speed Paper Pulp Washing Machine Advantages

Pulp washer plays an important role in improving pulp quality in the stock preparation line. Leizhan engineers provides customized solutions that result in high stock preparation line performance and high pulp quality.


High technology and superior quality Pulp Washer

Leizhan ZNG High speed Stock Washer is an advanced pulp washing machine used in paper and pulp industry,  a new type deink pulp washing equipment researched on the basis of foreign advanced technology.


The whole machine adopts fully enclosed structure, stainless steel shell, it can replace Disc Thickener and Inclined Screw Thickener, simplifies the process, reduce the cost.


Features of High-speed Paper Pulp Washing Machine

1. High-speed paper pulp washer equipment applies advanced manufacturing technology, high level of automation.

2. Single machine can realize the pulp transfer from low concentration to high concentration, pulp concentration increase rapidly, high ash removal rate, high pulp washing efficiency.

3. Able to effectively remove ink particles, filler and other tiny impurities, improve the whiteness of pulp.

4. Simple structure, small cover area, high efficiency, widely used in the deinked pulp processing system. 


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