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Low Price Pulp Chest Agitator Paper Machine

Low Price Pulp Chest Agitator Paper Machine

Leizhan produce high quality Pulp Chest Agitator paper making process machine with high performance, low price and best quality. Leizhan is a single-source supplier: from development to the model test, from design to manufacture, to project management, site installation, service and training. Around the world, pulp and paper producers rely on Leizhan.


Stock chest agitators for efficient mixing

Leizhan stock chest agitator is a horizontal agitator, suitable for all kinds of fibers in chests, tanks, and storage towers with up to 6% consistency in the propeller area. JB series Pulp Chest Agitator is the ideal device due to its hydraulically optimized propeller blades and adaptability to various chest shapes and sizes. JB series Pulp Chest Agitator is flexible. Blade angles are adjustable and the product family is adaptable to a wide motor range. A belt drive with universal guard allows quick and easy speed changes. The stuffing box can be replaced without draining the chest.


Benefits of Stock agitator

  • Effective agitation at low power consumption
  • All parts exposed to water are made of stainless steel
  • Packing box gland or mechanical seal available
  • Propeller is equipped with adjustable and replaceable blades
  • Guide plate increases efficiency (avoids rotation of pulp and reduces power consumption)

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