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Machines Required for Paper Recycling

Machines Required for Paper Recycling

Leizhan mainly manufacture complete pulp processing equipments and supply suitable paper machine for waste paper recycling.

Main equipment: Chain conveyor, Pulper, Pulp cleaner, Pulp pressure screen, Deinking machine, Pulp refiner, Pulp pump, Agitator.

Stock preparation line part

Raw material conveyor: Use Chain conveyor to convey waste paper into pulper for pulping.

Pulper: Hydrapulper can be used for breaking raw material down into pulp.

Pulp cleaning: Heavy impurities like sands, stones, glasses can be removed using pulp cleaner.

Pulp screening: Hole and Slots screens to remove light contaminates in paper pulp.

Pulp washing & deinking: Flotation deinking cell, Stock washer will be used for removing ink in paper pulp.

Pulp refiner:  During refining, the pulp is beaten to make the recycled fibers swell, making them ideal for papermaking.

Paper making machine part

Headbox, forming part

Press section

Dryer section

Coating and sizing

Calender reeling



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