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Mixing Pulping And Separate Pulping

Mixing Pulping And Separate Pulping

In paper production, two or three different fiber materials are sometimes used to expand in order to meet product quality and reduce costs.


In this case, there are two kinds of beating methods, one is to separate the pulp, that is, each raw material is beaten separately in the pulping equipment, and after reaching the quality requirements, it is put into the respective slurry pool, and then the ingredients are expanded; the other is the mix pulping, that is to say, two or three kinds of slurry are firstly proportioned in the proportioning tank and then sent to the pulping equipment for mixing pulp, and after reaching the quality index, it is put into a unified slurry tank.


In the production of paper mainly made of softwood pulp, if mixed with 30% or less hardwood pulp or bamboo pulp, the splitting length and bursting resistance of the mixed pulping paper are slightly increased.


For example, a factory uses 70~80% bleached softwood pulp with 20~30% wheat straw pulp, and two-stage continuous beating by the disc mill, the pulping and beating degree is 86~890SR, and the production of translucent paper has long cracking and resistance. The degree of doubling is increased by about 10%, the tearing degree is increased by about 5%, and the power consumption is reduced by about 15%.


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