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Pulp Pump In Paper Making Line


Pulp pump is widely used in conveying fibers mixed with liquid or solid particles in paper making progress, all major flow components are made of cast iron, cast steel and stainless steel materials at user’s choice. It is a key point in the whole production line.

Structure Of Leizhan Pulp Pump

Different type pulp pump may has a small difference in the structural constituent part, but the main parts are the same. The primary assembly units are: pump cover, pump shell, blade wheel, spreader, pump shaft, bearing cover and bearing frame. The the pulp pump machine is well-welded.

Factors Of Work Performance Influence

According to the flow rate and lifts, leizhan provides different pulp pump type to meet the production need. The main factors that influence the pulp pump work efficiency mainly depend on three respects: export diameter, impeller diameter and impeller number.
Export diameter: the diameter ranges from 80-400mm, the border, the transporting capacity larger.
Impeller diameter: a larger impeller diameter can have a faster speed, means the conveying efficiency higher.
Impeller number: generally, a pulp pump have three or four or six impeller number. The different number influence the application scope.

Advanced Pulp Pump Design Characteristics

1. High effective and energy saving. The conveying efficiency is higher 2-10% than other machine.
2. Good cavitation performance, long service life.
3. Reasonable structure, easy maintenance.
4. Good corrosion resistance and block free property.


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