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Working Principle of Drum Pulper

drum pulper equipment

Drum pulper set pulping and coarse screening with a body, used for continuous pulping all kinds of waste paper( newspaper, industrial board paper, mixed waste paper, etc.), and coarse screening the paper pulp after pulping, reject treatment equipment.


Working principle of Drum Pulper

Drum pulper interior contains pre-soaking area, high consistency pulping area and screen area three industrial areas. First, waste paper will be conveyed from the Chain conveyor into pre-soaking area. After soaking, the waste paper enter into the high consistency pulping area, under the consistency of 14% to 20%, with the rotation of the drum, the waste paper is took up by the lifting board on the inner wall , fall after rise to a certain height, and impact with the hard  inner surface , so the waste paper in pulping area after repeated falls and strikes, under the mild  pulping action of shear force and friction, will dissociated into single fiber, and the thin film, plastic, cloth and other impurities in the waste paper are not be broken.


Waste paper pulp after breaking will go along the dip angle under the drum drive, from pulping area into the screening area; on the above of screening area equipped with a flush water pipe, the pulp will be washed and diluted once entered the screening area, the pulp consistency will down to 3-4%. Now,the acceptable fiber through screen holes into the pulp chest, rough impurity is blocked by screen plate, stay in screening area and constantly elutriated, finally discharge from discharge mouth at the end of drum.


The flush water pipe has the benefits of cleaning screen plate, prevent screen hole from blocking, and cleaning light impurity, reduce the pulp consistency from  14%-20% to 3-4%.


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