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High Performance H.C. Hydrapulper Machine

high Performance H.C. Hydrapulper Machine

Leizhan has over 30 years of experience supplying deinking and white fiber recycling/deinking systems for paper and pulp industry. We have a complete line of equipment for your deinking needs.  With numerous installations in Asia,  Mid east, Africa, etc.


H.C. hydrapulper machine is used for deinking waste paper with 12%-18% stock consistency in waste paper deinking system.


Design feature of H.C. hydrapulper machine:

1. Compact structure, convenient operation and maintenance.
2. Special spiral rotor, promote pulp circulation effectively and strengthen friction between fibers and achieve moderate pulping in high consistency state. No impurity will be broken in the process of fiber relief and deinking.



Normal valume: 5m³-35m³     Production capacity: 20-260TPD


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