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How To Deal The Recycled Adhesive In Paper Making?

How To Deal The Recycled Adhesive In Paper Making

The recycling of waste water creates favorable conditions for the accumulation of soluble organic matter. As the water temperature increases, the microorganisms multiply in it. The viscous filamentous microorganisms can adhere to the wall of the container and grow. The viscous microorganisms formed together with the fibers The formation of the slurry, the pulp will generate H2S and volatile fatty acids, causing a lot of troubles for paper machine making, so the primary treatment in closed circulating water is soluble organic matter. And the recycled glue is one of them.


Measures To Deal The Recycled Adhesive


1. Rational use and supplement of the necessary amount of clean water, to ensure that wastewater discharge standards meet the requirements of environmental protection.
2. The bio-enzyme is added during the slurry feeding process to chemically modify certain components of the stickies, and the ester bond of the stickies component (polyvinyl acetate) is cut, so that the surface of the stickies is passivated and the viscosity is changed, viscous weak; And make the size of the large stickies smaller, and the number of small stickies is reduced.
3. Set 3 floats. The primary function of flotation is to remove residual ink particles and soap-like deinking chemicals. Among them, flotation 3 has achieved an unexpected effect in controlling ash, removing some screening, and removing glue which cannot be removed by slag removal.


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