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Leizhan Stock Bleaching Tower Advantages



Leizhan Stock Bleaching Tower is used for bleaching stock at both high and medium consistency. A discharge scraper equipped in the bin bottom makes sure optimal material distribution.

The bleaching tower is for bleaching pulp at high consistency (>25%). A discharge scraper placed in the bottom of bin which ensures optimal material distribution.

The chemical mixer screw discharges the pulp at around 25-30% consistency to the top of the bleach bin. The bleach bin consists of a pulp inlet at the top, cylindrical tower and a discharge scraper. The tower is equipped with load cells or a radioactive level control system.

The discharge scraper is driven by a frequency-controlled AC-motor via a planetary gear unit and is sealed with a stuffing box.

Advantages of Leizhan bleaching systems

  1. High dewatering performance
  2. Highest brightness for high-quality papers
  3. Lowest chemical consumption at high consistency
  4. Minimum yield loss and COD generation
  5. Keeps optical fiber properties (opacity, scattering)
  6. Clean pulp to paper machine
  7. Flexible operation: partial load and control of brightness

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