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Better Understanding of Pulping in Paper Making Process


What is Pulping?

The so-called pulping is a process to deal with the pulp fiber in the water using mechanical methods,making pulp fiber have the feature adapt to the requirements of paper machine production, and the resulting paper achieve the desired quality.

As there are a variety of paper sheets and paper boards with wide range of uses, the requirements of the paper are also different. Using the same kind of pulp raw materials, we can produce a lot of different paper sheets and paper boards.

Purpose of pulping

Use mechanical methods to make fiber influenced by shear force to change the performance of fiber to meet the requirements of different papers making.The pulp obtained by different methods can produce paper of different nature.

There are many kinds of fiber raw materials used in paper making, and there are many different aspects in fiber form, chemical composition, physical structure of fiber and pulping methods.

How to use fiber raw materials to produce good paper sheet or board?

In order to make a variety of fiber raw materials with different properties produce good quality paper sheet or board, firstly the pulp ratio should be determined, and different methods and should be used. For example, some paper requires more long fiber after pulping, some require more cutting of the fiber; some require that the slurry have a higher swelling and brooming and sub-wire to improve binding force of the fiber; while some require that there should not be too much water absorption and swelling, so that dehydration of the slurry on the net can meet the requirements of paper making.

Therefore, before the paper making, the pulping method must be determined based on the requirements of paper and pulp characteristics.

Paper making workers should formulate specific pulping processes and operating procedures according to the type of pulping equipment, the type of pulp materials, the production process and product quality requirements to meet the production needs.


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