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Small Paper Making Machine Price

Small Paper Making Machine Price

Waste paper recycling is becoming a tendency to make paper because of it’s environmental protection and low investment. The process of paper making include pulp making and paper making two stages. And pulp making include waste paper pulping, screening, cleaning, refining, pulp approaching; paper making include headbox, wire part, pressing, drying, calendering, drying, rewinding, etc. We supply the complete paper making line machine from small range to big range, the machine details as below.


Small Paper Making Machine


  1. Waste paper dealing equipment: Bale Breaker, Drum Screen, Bale Breaker, Chain Conveyor, Hydrapulper.
  2. Fine pulp making machine: High Density Cleaner, MC.Pressure Screen, Apple Screen, Low Density Cleaner, etc
  3. Pulp reject dealing machine: Vibrating Screen, Reject Separator, Light Impurity Separator, etc
  4. Pulp approaching equipment: Inflow Pressure Screen


Most foreign paper making friends choose to set up small paper making line at first, then expand it if need in the future. The price of small paper making machine is depend on your actual capacity and the paper quality you want, the details consult us:


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