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Advanced Reeling Machine Available For You

paper reeling machine

The reeling machine is the first set of finished equipment after the paper machine. The paper roll is driven by its weight and the friction of the cold cylinder for even spooling of the paper sheet, so the reeling machine makes the paper more uniform and can meet the needs of different paper.

Structural features

1. Rewind in the center of two rewinding shafts, and lift in the fixed tank;

2. Frequency control motor drive;

3. Constant tension control system is used; and optoelectronic automatic correction system is used for correction;

4. Blanking automatic shutdown device has the emergency stop function, and can maintain the same force;

5. Tension inflatable shaft is used for putting on and receiving the scroll;

6. Pneumatic feeding mechanism, pneumatic discharge mechanism, air up shaft positioning;

7. Shear type round knife is used for cutting, which can be adapted to cutting of different materials;

8. It is equipped with a fan, and wind blowing material is used; and length of the material can be automatically counted.

Application of the Reeling Machine

Reeling machine is mainly used for cutting the large-size toilet paper from single-layer rewinding into bobbin paper with a single layer, two layers or three layers, which can be used as folding paper towels, napkins, boxed towels and so on.


When rolling or unwind, the roll machine must be pulled from one end under pressure. If the pull distance is too large, the drum tension adjustment will be affected, resulting in imperfect printing drum or low-quality prints. Rolling is used to isolate the tension from the roll or to help the elastic, crisp and flexible material go through the reel. The pulling roll between the roll mechanism and the unwinding mechanism determines the linear velocity. There is most common roll of a vise type and a s wrapped type. Vacuum drum is another way to isolate the roll. A lot of flexographic printing presses are equipped with supporting roll.


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