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HC Pulp Cleaning System

HC Pulp Cleaning System

Effective removal of heavy impurities


The high-consistency cleaner reliably removes heavy ingredients from pulp suspensions at consistencies up to 6%. It thus protects downstream machines against wear.


Thanks to a geometrically optimized high-turbulence intake head, the high-consistency cleaner allows extremely effective removal of particles such as sand, glass slivers, staples and paper clips. There is hardly any wear even in extreme applications thanks to partial or complete ceramic lining. The rotorless design allows minimal maintenance outlay and a high level of operational reliability. In addition, the optimized trap design minimizes fiber loss through backwashing.


The high-consistency cleaner is used in single-stage high-consistency cleaning systems with periodic reject dumping. Depending on installation size, it is suitable for intake volume flows between 700 and 4,500 l/min.


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