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High Technology of Mid Consistency Pressure Screen

mid consistency pressure screen

Mid consistency energy-saving screening technic

Along with the increasing impurity in waste paper raw material and higher quality request of recycled paper, intensify screening in production has become a trend. To adapt this new request, Leizhan developed effective and energy-saving new screening equipment.


Zhengzhou Leizhan introduced high technology and  made effective improvement and innovation on recycled waste paper screening. In this way, it makes it possible to increase screening consistency and reduce energy consumption.


Leizhan allocated ZNS2.5 mid consistency pressure screen in Zhengzhou Hengfeng Paper Industry’s T-paper pulp making project. The nominal area of screen basket is 2.9㎡, inlet pulp consistency is 3~4%, basket basket allocated with 0.6mm slot, matched power is 110kw, daily capacity is 550-600t. The daily power consumption of each machine screening 1 ton pulp is 4.4kw/h, which shows the obvious effect of energy saving.


Slotted screen basket can effectively increase pulp flow speed when flowing through screen basket in pressure screen and increase capacity. At the same time, narrow screen slot can effectively cut off light impurities with small physical size, remove impurities from system as early as possible, thus reducing abrasion, power consumption and improving pulp quality.


Excellent auxiliary facilities for mid consistency pressure screeen

The mid consistency pressure screeen is also equipped with automatic oiling device, mechanical seal pressure water filtration device and alarm and control device. They can help lower failure rate, reduce maintenance and make inspection more easier .


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