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PLC Control High Consistency Desander

PLC Control High Consistency Desander

High consistency desander with PLC control cabinet

PLC control system design is a process of internal time relays, it can easily control the running situation of paper pulp purification equipment High consistency desander.


Application of Automatic High consistency desander

High consistency desander is a type of pulp purification equipment under high concentration. It is an ideal equipment for purifying the paper pulp and the paper manufacturers to improve paper quality and grade. Its effect is much better especially when it is used to purify waste paper pulp. In waste paper recycling it is an indispensable key equipment, it adopts the different proportion of fiber and the impurities, so as to separate the heavy impurities from the pulp and achieve the purpose of purifying pulp.


Advantages of High consistency desander

High consistency desander pulp cleaning equipment covers small area, with large production capacity, easy to operate, not block the slag discharge, high purification efficiency. The pulp goes through the cleaner once, without tailing pulp processing equipment, the fiber loss is almost zero, the cone is wearable and proof pressure, with  long service life. Tank is stainless steel or ceramic, the equipment can be divided into manual discharge and self-discharging two kinds.


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