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Solution for Pulp Pressure Screen Common Problems

zns series mid consistency pressure screen

Pressure screen is the widely used equipment in pulp processing line for making fine pulp which is suitable for paper making. Following is the common problems you might meet when using Pressure screen, Leizhan gives several solution to deal with them rapidly.

Pressure difference increases rapidly
It mainly caused by screen basket blocking. When occurring this problem, to lower the inlet pulp volume immediately. Close accepts valve several seconds until the pressure difference declines. If it doesn’t work, stop the equipment, disassemble the pressure screen and clean it.
Pressure difference keeps very high
1. Inlet pulp consistency is too high, you need to lower the inlet pulp consistency or enlarge dilution water.
2. Inlet pulp valume is too much, you need to reduce inlet pulp.
3. Tail pulp volume is too little, you need to increase tail pulp.
Bad accept quality of pressure screen, pressure difference problem, and production capacity reduces

There are several reason to cause this problem:
1. Inlet pulp consistency is too low.
2. The damage and wear of screen cyliner is severe.
3. The bottom seal is not good.
4. Gap between rotor wing and screen basket is big, bad damage.
To solve the problems:
1. Improve the inlet pulp consistency.
2. Inspect and replace damaged screen cycliner
3. Inspect screen cycliner seal ring
4. Adjust the gap, replace rotor plate.


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