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Waste Paper Recycling Process

waste paper recycling process

Do you know the details of waste paper recycling process?


The waste paper is conveyed to drum pulper by Chain Conveyor, for corrugated paper making process, still need Bale Breaker to select and bale the boundle waste paper.


Drum Pulper can completely remove the impurities almost in no damage. Therefore reduce the burden of following-up equipment, the pulp after pulping is at the concentration of 3-4%. Through the dump pulp pump send to the High Density Cleaner, with the centrifuge gravity to remove impurities, pulp start coarse screening system.


The pulp is transferred with pulp pump to the first stage middle consistency Coarse Screen for screening. Impurities and non-deflak pulp into Light Impurities Separator to be deflaked and separated again. The tailing enter Reject Separator for final treatment. The accepts from Reject Separator flow into pulp chest.


Light impurity are discharged from the system directly, accepts of coarse screen will be sent to the entrance of supplying pump for first stage Fractionating Screen. The pulp after Middle Density Cleaner cleaning again will go to the first stage Fractionationg Screen. The fiber of pulp can divided into short fiber and long fiber according to ratio by Fractionating Screen. The short fibers which go through the screen slot after thickening by Thickener go into short fibers pulp chest. And finally, enter short fiber pulp tower for storage through transferring pump.


The medium and long fiber and impurities which are not through the screen slot to a three-stage low density cleaning for removing slag. The tailing of low density cleaner go into second stage Low Density Cleaner for treatment. The accepts after second stage low density cleaner return to the entrance of pulp pump of first stage Low Density Cleaner. Second stage Low Density Cleaner tailing To third stage Low Density Cleaner for treatment. Accepts from third stage Low Density Cleaner return to the entrance of supplying pump of second stage Low Density Cleaner. Third stage low density cleaner tailing gather to the bottom of slag tank, the fibers are recoiled by high pressure flushing water to the upper vortex for recycling.


Heavy impurities are discharged out of system regularly by pneumatic valve controlled by the PLC. The accepts after first stage low density cleaner will go to the second stage Fractionationg Screen for treatment. The medium fibers the long fibers that are separated, Medium fiber passing through screen slot through the 2nd stage and 3rd stage Low Density Cleaners removing treatment sent to Thickener for thickening into medium fibers pulp chest. And then go into medium fiber pulp tower for storage by transferring pump.


The tailing after through 2nd stage and 3rd stage Low Density Cleaner. After Thickener for thickening by pulp pump go into long fibers chest. Long fiber through 2nd fractionation contains a lot of light impurities and long but not completely deflaked fiber. So the long fibers return to the entrance of supplying pump of long fiber Fine Screen. Then sent to long fiber Fine Screen for treatment. The accepts of long fibers Fine Screen go to the Thickener for thickening, go into long fibers pulp chest


Finally,It will be transferred to long fiber pulp tower for storage. Tailing go into the pulp chest in coarse screening system for treatment Light Impurity separator


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