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Wear-resistant Cones for HD Pulp Cleaner


H-Cone, E-Cone, IndiCone


H-Cone, E-Cone and IndiCone are wear-resistant cones for reliable and efficient use with high stock consistencies.


These cones are available in various quality versions, adapted to the respective application. H-Cone is especially recommended for applications with high requirements. Its conical shell is made of stainless steel with a cone insert made of high wear-resistant ceramic. Alternatively, the IndiCone can be used instead of the H-Cone. It is equipped with a wire spiral for additional wear monitoring. With IndiCone only the replacement of the cone insert is necessary while the conical shell can be reused due to reliable indication of wear. The more favorable variant of the H-Cone is the E-Cone. Its conical shell is made of quality steel and its insert cone made of wear-resistant ceramic.


H-Cone, E-Cone und IndiCone are used for the replacement of cones for various cleaners for high density applications.


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