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What Is Head Box In Paper Making Industry?

what is head box in paper making industry

Head box can convey the suitable consistency stock through the flow distributor, rectify device, weir pool, slice nozzle and other parts both even and stable to the equipment on the wire.

Function Of Head Box

As the joint part between flowing and molding of paper making machine, head box’s basic task is to provide good precondition for sheet forming. Symmetrical distributing the stock along the width direction of paper manufacturing machine, to guarantee the direction control and homogeneity of pressure, speed, rate of flow, consistency and fiber. Distributing fiber stock effectively, prevent fiber flocculation. Providing and ensure the stable sizing pressure head and pulp wire speed ratio.

Main Structure Of Flow Box

1. Flow Distributor: According to the hydrodymatic principle, uniform distribute the stock.
2. Rectify Device: Distributing the fiber effectively, in case of fiber flocculation, to keep fiber no direction arrangement as far as possible, make the fiber in stock in a uniformly distributed state.
3. Paper Feed Device: To make the paper feed evenly and spray to the predetermined net, and provide corresponding control adjustment, ensuring get high quality paper.


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