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Toilet/Tissue Paper Processing Machine


toilet tissue paper processing machine

A seemingly simple piece of toilet/tissue paper has a college question behind it. To produce high quality toilet/tissue paper need paper pulping processing line and paper making line


Toilet/Tissue Paper Pulping Process


Raw Material: Wood Pulp
Equipment: Pulping machine(D Type Hydrapulper, Vertical Hydrapulper),pulp cleaning machine(High Density Cleaner, Low Density Cleaner), paper screening equipment(M.C.Pressure Screen, Vibrating Screen, etc) and refining machine such as Double Disc Refiner, etc.


Toilet/Tissue Paper Making Line


The homogenate pulp is conveyed into headbox, and then through press part, dryer section, calendering process to get smoothness toilet/tissue paper. If you want to know more details about toilet/tissue paper machinery? Welcome to consult us: