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450T/D White Board Making Plant


    • Corrugated Carton Paper Production Plant
    • Corrugating Carton Paper Production Plant

    Adopt Leizhan DCS and QCS automatic control system, high technology pulp processing equipment, customized pulp and paper processing turn-key solution, paper plant can produce best quality white board by recycling waste paper.

    Raw material:100% Waste paper

    Plant:450T/D white board paper making plant
    Line: Recycled waste paper pulp processing line and paper making machinery

    450T/D waste paper pulp making process

    450T/D Waste Paper Processing Line
    First, waste paper will be transported into Drum pulper by Chain conveyor for pulping.
    Then, the pulp will be transported into ZSC6 high density cleaner for cleaning heavy impurities.
    After that, the pulp will be conveyed into Coarse screen, Light impurity separator, Reject separator, Lip screen, Fine screen, Vibrating screen for coarse screening, fine screening, tailing treatment of paper pulp.
    Next, Mid density cleaner, Low density cleaner group will be used for further cleaning.
    Furthermore, ZDP450 double disc refiner and DD660 double disc refiner will be used for improving pulp breaking degree.

    White board making machinery

    To produce high quality white board paper, Leizhan offers QCS automatic control system and customized white board making machine for paper plant. The white board paper machine has the basis weight range of 200-350g/m2 and the trimmed width range of 2400-6600mm. It can produce 200-1400 tons of white board paper per day by using waste paper as raw material with the speed range of 200-600m/min.