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Coated Board Making Machinery Line


    Coated Board Making Machinery Line

    Raw material: Wood pulp, White shavings, Waste paper, Paper board

    Line: Coated Board Making Line


    Leizhan manufacture the whole paper pulp production system machines and design the tailored solutions for specific requirements of Coated board paper production project.

    Pulp Production System

    Re-pulping and Screening: The waste paper moves by Chain conveyor to Pulper. The pulper chops the recovered paper into small pieces. Heating the mixture breaks the paper down more quickly into fibers. Eventually, the old paper turns into a mushy mixture called pulp. The pulp is forced through screens containing holes and slots of various shapes and sizes. The Screens remove small contaminants such as bits of plastic and globs of glue. This process is called screening.
    CleaningMills also clean pulp by spinning it around in large cone-shaped cylinders. Heavy contaminants like staples are thrown to the outside of the cone and fall through the bottom of the cylinder. Lighter contaminants collect in the center of the cone and are removed. This process is called cleaning.

    Refining: During refining, the pulp is beaten to make the recycled fibers swell, making them ideal for papermaking. If the pulp contains any large bundles of fibers, refining separates them into individual fibers.