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Duplex Cardboard Box Making Plant


    Duplex Cardboard Box Making Plant

    The fluting is an important component of corrugated board. It provides high compression resistance and strength characteristics to the duplex board – making it the secret ingredient in the strength corrugated board.

    Leizhan factory, a China leading manufacturer of complete paper pulp processing line machinery, offers customized pulp processing line solution and equipments for Coated paper board making unit.


    Pulp Making Solution

    Re-pulping and Screening: The waste paper be conveyed by Chain conveyor to Pulper. The pulper breaks the paper down into pulp. The holes and slots  Screens remove small contaminants in paper pulp.
    Cleaning: Paper mills also clean pulp by spinning it around in large cone-shaped cylinders. Heavy contaminants  are thrown to the outside of the cone and fall through the bottom of the cylinder. Lighter contaminants collect in the center of the cone and are removed.
    Refining: During refining, the pulp is beaten to make the recycled fibers swell, making them ideal for papermaking. If the pulp contains any large bundles of fibers, refining separates them into individual fibers.