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Duplex Coated Board Paper Making Machine


    duplex coated paper board making machine

    The new lanuched coated duplex board paper making machine from Leizhan is on hot sale, cheap but has high working efficiency, which can produce high strength coated folding box board for cigarette, kraft paper, corrugated paper, A4 paper, etc. Improved technology has lower energy consumption and higher efficiency. The options for a paper mill plant with the following scope, capacity, qualities, products and substances as mentioned below.

    Technical Parameters Of Coated Paper Making Machine

    Raw Material: waste carton paper, OCC.
    Output paper: kraft paper, corrugated paper, A4 paper.
    Production Capacity: 200-1400T/D
    Trimmed width: 2400-6600mm
    Basis weight: 200-350g/m²
    Operating Speed:200-600m/min
    Production Capacity: 200-1400t/d

    Why Choose Leizhan Paper Machinery?

    Leizhan is a professional paper machinery manufacturer with more than 35 years, high quality and low price is the goal we always pursued. Paper maker friends not only can purchase paper making machine, Leizhan also provide specialized engineer to design the most energy-saving and high efficiency paper pulping line for paper mill. Every question for paper making, welcome to consult us: