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Gravity Disc Thickener Instructions


    Gravity disc thickener mainly used in cardboard paper pulping line to concentrating low-concentration slurry. The slurry flows into the tank from the slurry inlet. The disk rotates to bring the slurry onto the surface. The slurry is peeled off by high-pressure water. With the continuous operation of the disk, the slurry concentration in the tank is continuously discharged due to the filtrate improve. Compared with the circular mesh concentrator, the filtration area is large and the filtrate concentration is low.


    The Operating Method Of Gravity Disc Thickener


    1. Valves must be installed when installing pipelines
    2. When operating the concentrator, pay attention that the disc itself should rotate downwards, and the white water flows into the central axis according to the direction of the guide groove.
    3. Start the main motor.
    4. When the equipment starts running, turn on the feed pump.
    5. Start the high-pressure water pump and open the water spray pipe valve so that the fan-shaped water sprayed out at an angle of 60 degrees with the disc.
    6. Check the slurry concentration after running.
    7. The rotation speed of the disc is controlled by the inverter, which can be set according to the pulp concentration and output size.


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